Fair CBD originated from a pleasant surprise brought to a British girl “Farrah”.


She loves outdoor sports but suffers from frequent sunburns on her sensitive skin. She tried very hard for a better solution to solve her skin problem.


Until one night after surfing, she accidentally dripped some cannabis extracts oil on her sunburned skin, and the next day, to her surprise, she found out that part of skin getting faster repaired.


This story brought up our curiosity to investigate more about cannabis, one of the controversial crops with the longest agricultural history.


Among more than 80 compounds in cannabis extracts, psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and non-psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol) are the most famous members. In the past decades, researchers have shown that CBD is effective in alleviating anxiety, insomnia and some rare forms of childhood epilepsy.


With further study, CBD's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to skin is finally revealed to the world.


In Fair CBD lab, our scientists continue to devote themselves in cultivating safer and more effective additive methods as well as better CBD formulas with other beneficial ingredient to take meticulous care of our skin.


Fair CBD means we endeavourto ensure that every individual person can equally benefit from CBD, the natural gift from our mother earth.


Natural, effective, safe and free from harmful contaminants, this will be our constant insistence.


Fair CBD also has an even broader vision:


Discovering more natural ingredients beneficial to human-beings with cutting-edge scientific achievements, thus to bring more safe and efficacious products to our customers.